Side Table

M_STB_02A 60x45x45

M_STB_02B 60x45x45

M_STB_03 50x45x60

M_STB_05B (STB_05B) 50X50X60

M_STB_05B 40x40x50

M_STB_06 40x40x50

M_STB_06B 50X50X60

M_STB_08 30x30x50

M_STB_09 45x43x30

STB_01 60x70x50

STB_02 50x50x50

STB_03 60x40x50

STB_04A 60x40x45

STB_04B 60x40x45

STB_05 50x40x60

STB_06 45x45x60

STB_07 50x40x50

STB_08 45x45x45

STB_09 70x45x60

STB_10A 45x45x50

STB_10B Anyam 45x45x50

STB_10C 45x45x50

STB_11A Night Stand Piramyd 58x45x50

STB_11B Night Stand Pyramid Lolo 58x45x50

STB_12A 60x45x60

STB_12B 50x45x60

STB_13A 70x45x60

STB_13B 110x50x 90

STB_14 60x45x60

STB_15 45x45x50

STB_16A 55x40x65

STB_16B Olta 55x40x65

STB_17 70X45X50

STB_18A 55x55x40

STB_18B 55x55x40

STB_19A D=50x50

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