Book Shelf

BS_02 ZIG-ZAG 100X35X185

BS_03A BOOK CASE 30X30X120

BS_03B BOOK CASE 30X30X120

BS_04 120x40x200

BS_05A 150x40x200 GLASS

BS_05B 400x45x200 GLASS

BS_06A Pagoda 140x40x200 1

BS_06B Pagoda 140x40x200 2

BS_07 180x40x200

BS_08 cina 200x40x190

BS_09 Ikan 130x40x200

BS_10A 143x27x240

BS_10B 143x27x240

BS_10C 143x27x240

BS_11 Arie 40x40x160

BS_12 150x40x150

BS_13 150x30x50 Wall shelve

BS_14A 200x45x150

BS_14B 200x45x150

BS_15 110x35x170

BS_16 BAMBOO 100x30x205

BS_17A 40x40x200 (MDP)

BS_17B 40x40x200 (White)

BS_17C 40x40x200 (Orange)

BS_18A 110x35x130

BS_18B 110x35x80

BS_18C 100x35x90

BS_19 60x35x180

BS_20 95x35x180

BS_21A 120x37x166

BS_22 90x40x120

ETN_05 270x45x200

ETN_06 300x45x160 (18 part)

ETN_07 120x40x200

ETN_08 170x40x200


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